SOMECO has been the official agent for the Japanese brand IMADA for three decades.

IMADA was one of the first companies to develop tension and compression dynamometers for the aeronautical industry.

IMADA instruments are recognised worldwide for their accuracy and reliability, both in quality control and in research and development, and the entire range is guaranteed for 2 years.

Over the years, IMADA has established its reputation as a global manufacturer and leader in the field of traction-compression measurements while continuing to develop its products, which are manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technologies and always with the highest manufacturing quality.

Application of the instruments :

IMADA force measurements can be used in professional environments such as aeronautics, automotive, textiles, precision mechanics, and the food industry.

Types of applications :

Force measurements can be used to measure adhesive fasteners, springs, “fatigue” forces, or crushing forces.

SOMECO offers 3 ranges of force gauges

Force gauges :

The dynamometer is an instrument used to measure different types of force, such as tension, compression, shear, bending, etc.

SOMECO offers three types of tension and compression force gauges :

  • Analogue needle force gauges are mechanical : they allow you to read different loads in KGF or Newton, for example.
  • Digital display force gauges : these are designed with built-in load cells, and the measurement is displayed in the form of figures on a digital screen. They also have a communication function for connection to an external device (computer, USB key, etc.).
  • Remote cell dynamometers : the various shapes of the cells mean they can be adapted to a wide range of applications. They can be combined with external devices, such as programmable logic controllers.

Torque measurement :

Used to measure the force of a torque. The instrument, known as a torquemeter, is used to measure rotational force as a function of distance in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Applications include measuring the opening and closing force of bottle caps, checking screwdrivers and rotary switches, and calibrating processes.

Test benches :

IMADA’s test benches fall into 2 categories

  • Force measurement benches (tension/compression)
  • Torque measurement benches

They can be manual or motorised.

It is possible to equip the benches with software for analysing measurements with a strength-time and/or strength-displacement relationship and collecting data.