Importance of dynamic fatigue testing on springs

Why choose EASYDUR machines for dynamic fatigue testing?

Our partner EASYDUR has specialised in the construction of measuring machines for over 35 years. The technical team has extensive experience and a high level of expertise in the mechanical testing of different types of springs.

Definition of a dynamic fatigue test on springs

Dynamic fatigue testing involves subjecting the spring to repetitive load cycles under simulated operating conditions. This can be achieved by applying variable loads to the spring at specific frequencies, which are chosen to correspond to the actual conditions of use.

Dynamic fatigue testing of springs is often underestimated and regarded as quasi-destructive. This is because most of the testing machines used for these tests are basic mechanical instruments lacking advanced technologies such as load cells and control software.

The advantages of dynamic fatigue testing:

One of the notable advantages of fatigue testing is that it establishes the relaxation of springs and the loss of elasticity characteristics. This saves a great deal of time and enables springs to be correctly characterised. EASYDUR has developed EasyDynamics software. This software enables the life cycle of springs undergoing testing to be simulated quickly, concretely, and efficiently, facilitating the research and development of new product solutions and enabling spring manufacturers to improve performance, win new markets, and optimise and reduce production costs.