SOMECO offers solutions for measuring surface finishes and profiles in partnership with SM instruments. SM creates, designs, and manufactures high-tech instruments for surface characterization, analysing the micro-geometries that generate roughness and the macro-characteristics that determine the dimensions and profiles of parts.

COFRAC accreditation and calibration certificate or equivalent

The SM metrology laboratory was accredited as SIT calibration centre no. 041M in 1988. With the introduction of the calibration laboratory department, ACCREDIA took over the SIT (Servizio Italiano Tarature). Calibration certificates are issued following LAT No. 041 accreditation. ACCREDIA (COFFRAC equivalent) certifies the measurement, calibration, and metrological performance of the Centre in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IIEC 17025 standard. The calibrations carried out refer to national and international samples of the International Standard System of Measurements. The ACCREDIA certificates issued by the SM Centre, as part of the National Calibration System (Law 273 of August 11, 1991), are officially valid in Italy and have mutual recognition in other countries belonging to EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), ILAC, and MRA. To provide a complete calibration service to its customers, SM collaborates with other accredited laboratories within the sphere of the National Calibration System. An original ACCREDIA certificate is supplied to the customer with the calibrated instrument.