SOMECO offers a complete range of analogue hand-held measuring instruments.

On this page, SOMECO offers trusquins, measuring columns, and marbles. A trusquin is the ideal instrument for quickly measuring a height with a resolution of 1/100th of an mm, i.e., 0.01 mm.

Depending on your needs, choose an analogue trusquin, a digital trusquin, or a dual-counter trusquin. Each instrument has a range of measuring capacities.

If you need to make a more precise measurement, a measuring column with a resolution of 1 µm, or 0.001 mm, is the right choice. With a measuring column, it is possible to measure a height, a shaft diameter, or a bore diameter and to save the results to ensure product traceability. Measuring columns can be either manual 1D (Z movement of the probe by the user), motorised 1D, or motorised 1D and 2D.

To ensure precise and rigorous positioning of the trusquin and the measuring column, it is essential to use a marble. Discover our range of class 0, class 1, and class 00 cast iron and granite marbles. These control marbles are available in different dimensions.