IMADA’s roots go back to 1947, when the first tension-compression force gauge dynamometer was developed for the aerospace industry.

IMADA force gauges dynamometer and torque-meter are designed to accurately measure tension-compression forces, torque, etc.

IMADA instruments are widely used and recognized throughout the world, in such demanding fields as Quality Control and Research & Development.

Over the years, IMADA has secured its reputation as a global manufacturer, leader in the field of Traction-Compression measurements, while evolving these products manufactured with the latest cutting-edge technologies, in an ergonomic manner, and always with the highest manufacturing quality and reliability.

Fields of application :
Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Accuracy mechanics, Plastics industry, Textile, Office equipment, Medical instrumentation, Sports equipment, Food, For measurement tests with shocks, we recommend digital-reading force gauges.

Miscellaneous applications :
On/off switch, Keyboard contact force, Connector insertion/withdrawal, Adhesive fastener, Crushing force of glass, ceramics, pills, Sealing force, Spring, Silicone rubber bending strength, Plastic, Cartonboard impact resistance (breaking, bending…), Rotating opening/closing of bottle caps, Flasks, Ingredient firmness, etc…

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