SOMECO offers a wide range of three-dimensional measuring machines. Measurements can be carried out 100% by video using a high-definition camera, by probing using different models of RENISHAW probing heads, or in bi-technology, combining both video and probing measurements in the same program. Our ranges are available in different versions and sizes. Our DeMeet range is designed, developed, and manufactured in Europe. Our technical team supports each customer’s project to ensure that each investment improves profitability, productivity, and traceability.

Offering excellent value for money, DeMeet measurement machines enable high-precision quality control in measurement laboratories as well as on the production floor. Applications for optical and multisensor measurement include the precision engineering, medical, plastics, and electronics industries.

The CMMs we offer guarantee quality control with a measurement range tailored to the needs of different types of industries. The DeMeet-220 is developed as a “personal” measuring machine with a design adapted for use on a work surface. For inspection of large products or batch measurements, the DeMeet-400 series are universal measuring machines, with the DeMeet-705 at the top of the range offering very high XYZ measurement capabilities.

SOMECO also offers a series of two-dimensional video 2D measuring machines, InspecVISTA, with a digitised Z axis for height measurements.