We offer a wide range of microscopes and stereoscopic magnifiers.

What is a stereoscopic microscope?

A stereo microscope is a binocular magnifier, i.e., one with two optical channels that come together to give the user a 3-dimensional view of the sample being analysed. Choosing a microscope is not only a question of selecting the right magnification but also of its separating power. Separating power defines the ability of an optical system to differentiate between objects or the minimum distance between two elements to be observed. It is this separating power that will define the quality of the microscope and, consequently, its price. The higher the quality of objectives and lenses, the smaller the minimum distance between two elements. The human eye has a separating power of 300 µm, or 0.3 mm. Below 3/10ths, the eye is unable to distinguish two distinct elements; it can only see a single element. If the binocular magnifier is of poor quality, it may have high magnification but low separating power. When it’s necessary to take a photo or make a video, we use a trinocular microscope, i.e., one with a third optical channel, to be able to instal a high-definition HD camera. EUROMEX partner SOMECO offers value-for-money parafocal stereomicroscopes perfectly suited to professional use in all sectors of activity.