A dynamometer is an instrument used to measure different types of force, such as traction, compression, shearing, bending, etc. The dynamometer, combined with accessories, such as end fittings, appropriate to the types of forces and objects, performs a wide variety of measurements. Imada offers optimal load measurement solutions. We also offer the IMADA torquemeter range. The torque metre measures the rotational or torsional force produced when tightening a screw, operating a spanner, or opening and closing a bottle cap. Ideal for measuring torque when operating rotary switches or screwing or unscrewing threaded caps.

SOMECO has been the exclusive importer of the Japanese brand IMADA for three decades. With IMADA, we can meet all your needs in terms of torque, force of traction, and compression.

We offer a complete range of force gauges, both digital and analogue. Test benches for tensile or compression force measurement, manual or motorised