Analog force needle gauges are equiped with a mechanical display, for measuring designed to mesure tensile or compressive force and evaluate weight. These devices are used in a wide range, including aerospace, automotive precision mechanism, eltronics, medical instrumentation, food andagri-food.

What is an Analog needle force gauges dynamometers

Formely know aas peson, the mechanism comparator use traction, or traction or compression. This tools is simple. It’s based on the physical laws of spring tension and spring rate, which correspond to Hooke’s law. This English scientist modeled the behavior of elastic solids under stress in 1676.

This mechanical comparator consists of a spring with a perfectly known modulus of elasticity, an electronic device and a display in the form of a dial with a pointer. Digital mechanical comparators are also available on the market. Once the object is placed on the spring, which acts as a force sensor, the pointer on the dial moves to indicate its weight, expressed in Newton (N) or Kgf.

How to choose the right analog needle  force gauge dynamometers?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a mechanical force gauge. First of all, the minimum and maximum permissible load is an essential criterion, as is the desired measurement uncertainty. Some force gauges are capable of weighing objects weighing several tons, while other instruments are designed for objects weighing just a few grams.
Portable force gauges have the advantage of being lightweight and compact. This type of mechanical comparator is ideal for quick and easy testing. Precision is also an important factor, especially for high-tech industries. It is generally expressed as a percentage of the dial’s full scale.

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