Profile projectors: making the right choice

Whether in production, the quality department, or inspection, the profile projector is the perfect tool for checking parts in two dimensions. On our website, we offer you a complete range of profile projectors with an unrivalled quality/price/performance ratio. Vertical or horizontal, to suit all types of parts!

So what is a profile projector used for?

C’est un instrument de mesure en 2 dimensions pour effectuer des contrôles avec une incertitude de mesure de l’ordre du 1/100 ème de millimètre, soit 0,01 mm. Son principe de base est simple, éclairer la pièce à contrôler par le dessous et à l’aide d’un miroir, projeter une ombre, qu’on appelera profil. Ce profil est grossi grâce à un objectif afin de pouvoir mesurer des angles, des diamètres, des points et des distances. Les projecteurs de profils modernes sont équipés de 2 éclairages, un éclairage de surface appelé épiscopique et un éclairage de profil appelé Diascopique. Equipé d’un calculateur géométrique 2D, le projecteur de profil est un moyen de contrôle simple et efficace mais  précis et répétable.

SOMECO a développé un projecteur de profils performant et fiable, au rapport qualité prix qui en fait la meilleure solution du marché.

On a sturdy structure, we have installed a cross-movement table with cross-roller guidance, German-made SILL lenses, and an ELECTRONICA display or calculator specially developed for SOMECO in partnership with our technical team.

Our main technical arguments are :

  • Dual halogen lighting with adjustable intensity from 0 to 100%, offering exceptional optical performance,
  • An indexed turret that can accommodate 3 to 4 lenses depending on the size of the projector screen,
  • Large tables offer a very large mounting area with exceptional X and Y travel.

How do you choose the profile projector that’s right for you?

If you want to take measurements with an uncertainty of the order of 1/100th of a millimetre (0.01 mm), a profile projector, whether vertical or horizontal, will give you complete satisfaction. This type of instrument can be used to check milling, turning, plastic injection, or any other parts that need to be checked without contact.

What are the different types of lighting for a profile projector?

There are three types of lighting for profile projectors :

  • Diascopic lighting, lighting from below the part to obtain its profile, like a Chinese shadow
  • Oblique episcopic lighting, lighting from above the part, to measure a blind hole or the width of a chamfer, for example.
  • Coaxial episcopic lighting, i.e. a lighting method where the part is illuminated by light reflected in the same axis as the lens.

SOMECO has been the official agent for the Japanese brand IMADA for three decades. IMADA was one of the first companies to develop tensile and compression dynamometers for the aerospace industry. IMADA instruments are recognised worldwide for their accuracy and reliability, both in quality control and in research and development, and the entire range is guaranteed for 2 years. Over the years, IMADA has established its reputation as a global manufacturer and leader in the field of tension-compression measurement while continuing to develop its products, which are manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technology and always with the highest manufacturing quality.