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e-COMPUTEST - Duromètre portable principe ROCKWELL sans fils

The COMPUTEST, ERNST’s portable hardness tester, is based on the ROCKWELL principle

I has been a benchmark on the market for many years, because it works on the ROCKWELL principle and therefore does not strike the material like a rebound hardness tester, but penetrates the surface of the sample by applying a preload of 1.4 kg and a load of 5 kg. The advantage is that it can be used to test thin samples, even sheet metal as thin as 1/10th, and make a small impression.

The latest addition to the COMPUTEST series, the ECOMPUTEST is a lightweight, compact hardness tester with NO wires. The mechanical load application unit and the tablet communicate via Bluetooth.
It’s very easy to create a file, transfer the results and track your production to ensure perfect traceability.
– It can be used to test the full range of metals, without changing the indenter.
– Enables fast wireless data sharing (up to 100 metres away) via a user-friendly Android app
– Optionally, can be supplied with a calibration certificate attesting to international standards.

For full specifications, visit the ERNST website.


e-computest can be used to test the full range of metals, without changing the indenter.
Simply select the desired scale, place the mechanical unit on the part to be tested, press the test head and read the result.
Thanks to its unique load application method, the tester can transmit only its specified load (5 kgf), regardless of the operator’s strength.
The hardness result is displayed immediately.
The instrument is equipped with a diamond cone indenter (ERNST design).
e-computest can be operated in a variety of positions and is supplied with different supports, which are easily interchangeable and adaptable to different testing situations.
e-computest comes with an industrial-grade 6″ Android tablet, with an application for rapid data management, sharing, archiving and printing.
The e-computest can be used with a special stand for testing small parts. This makes it one of the most versatile portable hardness testers.