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e-DYNATEST - Duromètre portable principe ROCKWELL sans fils

The e-DYNATEST portable hardness tester operates on the ROCKWELL principle.

It has been designed to check the hardness of metals from 80 to 500 HB and 20 to 70 HRC with a high load, comparable to the Rockwell loads of stationary machines, so the result is less influenced by surface finish.
What’s more, the load application system enables precise measurement of relatively thin parts (> 12 mm) such as sheet metal, profiles and other materials.
It is also ideal for checking the hardness of cast iron.


Areas of use and examples of applications:

– Hardness testing after opêrating on the product.
– Testing under high loads (100kgF), e.g. foundry parts.


The e-DYNATEST portable hardness tester can be certified to the following standards:

  • DIN50157-ASTME-18
  • ISO6506 indirect method on certified blocks
  • ISO6507 indirect method on certified block standards
  • ISO6508 indirect method on certified blocks
    ACCREDIA certification is also possible (Italian ACCREDIA = French COFRAC)