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Mesure d’épaisseur de parois par ultrason, résolution à 1 µm - MP5
Mesure d’épaisseur de parois par ultrason, résolution à 1 µm - MP5 DL (avec mémoire et logiciel)
D15A-Embout de Sonde pour mesures d’épaisseur MP

The handheld digital reading devices of the MU series allow the thickness of a material to be measured with high precision by the principle of ultrasound. This method makes it possible to measure a thickness when one can access only one side of the part to be controlled. The MP5 and MP5-DL models with the reading at 0.001 mm (1µm) are particularly suitable for small thicknesses, up to 25.4 mm to be measured with very high precision. MP5-DL with its internal memory

  • Ultrasound principle: Measure the travel time of a wave back and forth through the wall of a sample, allowing measurement without destruction of the sample.
  • All solid materials can be measured except rubbers.
  • Each material has a specific propagation speed, this speed can be calibrated in the calibration menu.


  • 2.4′ colour display, 320 240 pxls
  • Sound wave pulse operation with transmitter/receiver probe
  • Measuring range 0.20 to 25.4 mm
  • Resolution: 1 µm (0.001 mm)
  • Units mm and Inch
  • Earnings: Standard, Low, High
  • Display 3 modes:

Value only, Differential in % of nominal value, Mini+MAXI:

  • Sampling 3 selectable rates (4, 8 or 16 Hz)
  • Wave propagation speed: 500 to 9999 M/s
  • Configurable alarms:High and low tolerances, visual alarm
  • Memory 100,000 data, 1000 SCAN (MP-5DL only)
  • Power supply 2x AA 1.5V
  • Autonomy 40 Hours
  • Operating temperature:-10°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions 153x76x37 mm
  • Weight 280 g
  • Language: French, English