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Billeuse BRINELL radiale semi-spécial BRE-AUT-BRG

BRE AUT BRG is a radial BRINELL stringer, made in semi-special, to meet the most demanding needs in BRINELL hardness control in hostile environments.

BREAUT-BRG durometers can be offered with different loads, with or without optical BRINELL impression reading systems.

  • BRE AUT BRG 10/3000, load 3 tons with indenter Ø10 for BRINELL HB30 test
  • BRE AUT BRG 10/1000, load 3 tons with indenter Ø10 for BRINELL HB10 test
  • BRE AUT BRG 5/750, load 3 tons with indenter Ø5 for BRINELL HB30 test

Since 1967, SOMECO has installed many BRE AUT joiners in various industries, including foundries, steel mills or manufacturers of special fasteners for aeronautical insdutrie.