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RT120 - Rugo Profilomètre RT 120
Palpeur pour profil Z = 3mm ( fourni en standard )
Palpeur pour profil Z = 5mm
Palpeur pour petits alésages
Table 3 axes X, Y et rotation sur Z
Table 4 axes X, Y, rotation sur Z et bascule vers l'axe X

The Rugo-Profilometer RT 120 was born from the desire to combine roughness measurements and profile measurements, in a single pass of the probe.
Its simple and intuitive software will allow any operator to perform the tests they need.

Different types of probes on request:

  • The new Rugo-Profilometer RT120 allows the taking of measurements that belong to universes that have not been associated in the past: the macro and micro surface geometry, easily measured and analyzed with a single instrument.
  • The ‘all in one’ concept of the RT120 makes it possible to make measurements in a few steps, in a very short time, the operator can analyze the roughness and the profile even on the most complex parts, using the analysis software ‘Profile Studio’, which is designed for intuitive and simple operation.
  • Highly successful CAD: all graphical windows are dynamic and editable after insertion. In a previously acquired profile, it is possible to insert ribs and to make coexist, profile and roughness in the same screen, thus presenting the complete evaluation of the part, with a single measurement.
  • With the auto comparison function, rebuilding on a new profile, including all parameters and tolerances of a reference is easy.
  • Time saving is considerable when checking parts by batch. The ‘Profile Studio’ software manages a database that allows to rationally archive the measurements, guaranteeing the traceability of each controlled part, by the code and the production batch.