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WARPSURF écran tactile 7"
Etalon profil pour WARPSURF

What is the WarpSURF roughness tester?
It’s a revolution in the world of roughness and profile measurement. The WarpSurf portable roughness tester and profilometer is a fully integrated solution, with the software controlled via the touch screen. You can directly generate the inspection report in different formats, with your logo or your customer’s logo.

RUGOSITE Resolution:

  • Unique resolution on the market 0.1 nm (0.0001 μm) over 1500 μm
    e.g. Ra 1.2029 μm


  • Profile analysis up to 3 mm directly on screen, with integrated software, no need for a PC


  • X travel = 60 mm
  • Z roughness = 1500 μm
  • Z profile = 3000 μm

Technical data