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Duromètre Webster - type B - Convertion Rockwell E
Etalon pour pince B
Duromètre Webster - type B75 - Convertion Rockwell B
Etalon pour pince B75

The Webster clamp can be used to check thin metal sheets or plates quickly and easily.
The result read on the dial can be converted using the graph supplied with the device.

Webster type B clamp for testing aluminium
Webster type B75 pliers for testing copper, brass and mild steel

Demand quality, the genuine WEBSTER pliers made at WEBSTER in the USA.

Features :

  • Thickness of part to be inspected: 1 to 7 mm max.
  • Dial scale: 0-20
  • Conversion to Rockwell E for type B clamp
  • Conversion to Rockwell B for type B75 clamp

Optional capacities :

– 1 to 9 mm, 6.3 to 12.7 mm
– 2.5 to 19 mm, 12.7 to 22 mm, 15.8 to 25.4 mm