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PT330-EM - Projecteur de profils vertical écran Ø300 avec tourelle indexée et codeur, sans afficheur
Objectif 10x pour PT300 ou PH300
Objectif 20x pour PT300 ou PH300
Objectif 50x pour PT300 ou PH300
EL250 - Affi cheur évolué 3 axes
EL530-2G - Calculateur géométrique 3 axes
Certif Projo - Certificat d’étalonnage projecteur
Meuble PT - Meuble PT300/400/330/440, avec porte & serrure

Ø330mm Vertical Profile Projector – PT330-NEO:

Vertical profile projector with screen diameter 330 mm equipped with an angle encoder and an indexed turret and can be equipped with an advanced display or a 2D geometric calculator.

These technical advantages make it one of the best instruments on the market, multi-position indexed turret that can accommodate up to 3 objectives, large table and large stroke, lighting management unique on the market, episcopic and diascopic illumination with halogen illumination of variable intensity offering an excellent optical rendering.

Basic Composition:

  • Rotary display Ø 330 mm with encoder for angular measurement.
  • Supplied as standard with a mini EL250 calculator allowing the use of geometric functions.
  • Diascopic lighting with variable intensity.
  • Episcopic lighting with variable intensity.
  • Table 350 x 280 mm, stroke X 205 mm, Y 155 mm, equipped with optical rulers, resolution 0.001 mm.
  • Turret indexed, can accommodate up to 3 objectives, with 1 lens 10 x or 20x (to be specified on order)