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MU-4D - Mesureur d'épaisseur par ultrason MU4D
MU-4DL - Mesureur d'épaisseur par ultrason MU4DL
MU-5DL - Mesureur d'épaisseur par ultrason MU5DL

MU4d Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement – MU4DL – MU5DL:

  • The measuring principle is the same as for the MU4 series models, but the MU5DL benefits from DOUBLE ECHO technology.

What is the advantage of double echo for ultrasonic measurement?

  • The method of measurements between echoes or double echo, allows to display the actual thickness of the metal while ignoring the thickness of the coating. The measurement can be done directly without removing the paint or coating layer on the surface.


  • Color screen
  • A-Scan mode: Dynamic display of the resonance signal (sound wave)
  • B-Scan mode: profile mode
  • Adjust signal and measurement parameters (Gain, Extended Suppression, Suppression Preset Gain Adjustment: Low, Standard, High
  • Thickness measurement Mini. and Maxi.
  • Distance and Percentage Differential Display
  • Echo-Echo mode (Thru Paint & Coatings): Measure the total thickness of the material with its coating & Measure the material alone (with TC510 probe)
  • Memory 100,000 data, 400 files
  • Data transfer via USB port
  • Software for visualization of data

Features common to all MU series instruments:

  • Screen Type: 2.4’’, Color (OLED), 320 X 240 pixels, 10,000 contrast:1
  • Working principle: Pulse of a sound wave with dual-function probe (transmit/ receive)
  • Thickness measurement range: 0.60mm to 508mm (0.025» to 20.00»), depends on material, probe and surface condition.
  • Resolution: Standard 0.01mm – Low: 0.1mm
  • Units: Inch and millimeter
  • Gain: Low, Standard, High
  • Display modes: Normal, Mini/ Maxi value; Differential: Distance & percentage; A-Scan
  • Probe recognition: Automatic + V echo correction Selectable sample rate: 4 Hz, 8 Hz, 16 Hz
  • Wave propagation speed: 500 to 9999 m/s (0.0197 to 0.3937in/us) ultrasonic in material
  • Language: French (French manual)
  • Alarm Setting: High and Low Tolerance. Measuring range tolerance 0.25mm to 508mm (0.01» to 20.00») Visual alarm: signal (wave) color change
  • Power: 2 AA batteries
  • Autonomy: 40 Hours
  • Stop the instrument: Select «remains on» or «automatic stop» after 5, 10, 20 minutes of inactivity
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions: L153 x l76 x H37 mm
  • Weight (batteries included): 280g

Designation Code

  • 51 05 60000 Couplant, set of 5 bottles of 55 ml
  • 51 05 70955 Stepped wedge for calibration, 3-5-10-15 mm
  • 51 05 70960 Stepped wedge for calibration, 1-3-5-10-15-20 mm
  • 51 05 70905 Rubber protection for MU series