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Set de produits de moulage pour formes internes

This SET of PLASTIFORM-Type Moulding Products enables the internal shape of a mechanical part to be faithfully and accurately reproduced, whatever the material.
Moulding makes it possible to carry out dimensional measurements in areas that are usually inaccessible.

Features :

  • Drying time ±8 min at 20°C
  • DAV cartridge, very fluid product for complex shapes and/or high extraction constraints
  • BAD cartridge, highly versatile product, for simple to slightly complex shapes
  • DN1, aerosol degreaser
  • Re-Form, reformable resin
  • Plastin, technical modelling paste for plugging or holding parts in place

Composition of the SET:

  • 1 Measuring gun
  • 1 DAV cartridge
  • 1 BAD cartridge
  • 20 injectors
  • 1 DN1 200 ml
  • 10 nozzles
  • 1 Cutter slicer kit
  • 50 g Re-Form
  • 50 g of Plastin