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The PSG100 is a motorized manual column profilometer to characterize 2D profiles of mechanical parts

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Profilomètre à palpage motorisé et colonne manuelle - PGS100
3.403-Etau l.=60mm Ouverture 42 mm pour série PGS
3.400-Table 3 axes 200x200 mm
6.300-Etalon pour profilomètre

Motorized probing profilometer and manual column PGS100:

  • The latest addition to the SM-instruments range, the PGS-100 profilometer is a cost-effective solution for checking the profiles of your parts. Particularly recommended for the acquisition of 2D profiles on bar turning parts.
  • Thanks to its X-shaped movement over a length of 130 mm and with a range of movement in height of 50 mm, it is a very versatile control instrument, suitable for parts of all sizes, from a few tenths of a mm.
  • The controller can analyze the profile even on the most complex parts, thanks to the analysis software «Profil Studio Basic», with modern ergonomics, designed under a Windows architecture.
  • The Profile Studio analysis program is equipped with all the CAD functions necessary for the sizing of your parts, it also allows you to create programs to automate the characterization of elements, for example during serial measurements.
  • Equipped as standard with a control table with “T” groove and delivered with a 32 mm profile probe, the PGS 100 profiler can be enriched and supplemented with various accessories, as a 2-axis or 3-axis positioning table on precision vise bearings that allows to perfectly clamp the parts during measurements.
  • Calibration can be performed with the optional profile standard. Calibration is done in the software using the step-by-step procedure

Technical data:

  • Compact and lightweight, all electronics are integrated into the measuring head
  • Measuring speed 0.2 to 2 mm/s
  • Z axis resolution 0.2 μm
  • Measuring capacity X=130 Z=50 mm
  • Profile-Studio-Basic software included PC supplied, factory configured
  • Large working area 500 x10 mm
  • Aluminium base 1030 410 mm with ‘T’ groove
  • USB port for connection to Windows (W10, W8).
  • Weight 34 kg