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ESATEST MTR-X/A, duromètre motorisé charges 1-10 kgf
ESATEST MTR-X/B, duromètre motorisé charges 0,5-10 kgf
ESATEST MTR-X/C, duromètre motorisé charges 0.2-10 kgf
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Motorized durometer ESATEST MTR-X:
The instruments of the ESATEST range, measure the hardness of metals according to a method developed and patented by ERNST.
The test is carried out according to the principle of the electrical resistivity of the material.
Allows the measurement of hardness outside and inside, small and large parts, irregular shapes, gear teeth, measurement in all positions.

Test principle:

  • Progressive motorized load application
  • With a single test, it is possible to visualize the different hardnesses corresponding to the range of loads
  • The clamping of the part does not require special systems, the measuring head being adjustable
  • Insensitive to subsidence and/or exions
  • Multi-language and multifunction software
  • Direct reading on colour display
  • Allows excellent traceability of control, PV editing
  • Rechargeable battery power supply


  • Loads 200 g to 10 kg depending on models
  • Standard scales:HV 100-1000, HRC 0-70, HRB, HB30, N/mm2, HRF, HRD
  • Progessive loads, viewed on colour display, 8.4’’ 800 600 px
  • Multi-function menu, including, tolerances, calibration, scale selection, language selection, visualization and comparison of curves, statistics
  • Outputs: USB and Ethernet

Supplied with the following accessories:

  • 1 HV standard calibrated at 1 and 10 kgf
  • 3 V anvils for Ø 60, 30, and 6 mm v1 flat anvil
  • 2 supports for standard
  • 1 Magnetic probe
  • 1 Accessory for non-magnetic materials
  • 1 Footswitch
  • Keys, fuses, cover, user manual

Esatest MTR Rack

  • Adjustable on 3 axes to allow the measurement of all angles
  • Useful capacity 230 mm
  • Swan neck 110 mm
  • Dimensions 400 x 500 x 390 mm
  • Frame weight 10 kg, total weight 20 kg