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RTP80-TL90/SB10/60 - Rugosimètre à écran tactile, palpeur interchangeable mixte

The combination of the RTP-80 Measurement unit with the TL90 Probe Unit, offers a rougosimeter with laboratory instrument performance, while remaining lightweight and easily transportable.

  • A wide range of probes, with or without skid is available to allow the control of any type of parts.
  • Like the RTP80-TS7, it can also directly measure roughness values at the production site or quality service level.
  • Thanks to The Large 5.7′ Colour LCD Display for touch use, the operator can intuitively set the roughness meter.
  • The data as well as the graphs are displayed on the screen, so it is very easy to analyze the results.
  • It is also possible to edit roughness values and graphics with the built-in printer.

The TL90 Probe Unit can be used to measure on a gande amplitude with probe with pad or probe without pad. The probe can be positioned from the axis or at 90°, to easily measure roughness on cylindrical parts. It is possible to measure profiles up to 1 mm in height.

Control and measurement unit RTP80:

  • Roughness, profile and ripple parameters according to international standard standards
  • Unit of measurement μm or μinch
  • Measuring speed: 1 mm/sec or 0.5 mm/sec
  • Resolution: 0.001 μm (0.04 μinch)
  • Cut-Off: 0.08-0.25-0.8-2.5-8 mm
  • Number of Cut-Off: from 1 to 19, configurable.
  • Measuring range, up to 1000 μm
  • Memory, 1000 measurements
  • GAUSS, ISO 11562 and ISO 3274 filters
  • Large 5.7’ colour LCD display, touch screen, 320 240 resolution, 256 colours
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • 3-key keyboard for direct access to main functions
  • Very intuitive graphical touch interface
  • Tolerances on all parameters
  • RS232C output for connection to a PC via software
  • Measurement Studio
  • Power supply, battery 12V/ AC220V
  • Operating temperature, 10 to 40°C

TL90 Probing Unit:

  • Probes with skate and probe without skate
  • Measuring range, 500μm
  • Measuring stroke up to 50 mm
  • Return speed: 2 mm/sec
  • Measurement position, horizontal, vertical, 90°.
  • Contact force according to ISO3274
  • Probe height adjustment, up to 100 mm
  • Measuring principle, differentiated induction.
  • Dimensions/Weight, 145x85x45 mm/ 500 g
  • Supplied with mixed removable probe, with and without SB10/60 skate ref.1.350 (there are 13 probes for TL90, see following pages «probes for rugosimeters»), diamond radius 5μm, 90° (on request 2μm, 60°)