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AMV 714 - Duromètre micro-VICKERS avec tourelle manuelle et imprimante - AMV714

The VICKERS AMV series durometers are equipped with 8 loads from 10g to 1kg to allow you to test in the scales from HV0.01 to HV1.

The AMV-714 and AMV-715 are the “advanced” versions of the SMV models.

The measurement of the de facto impression thanks to the optical system equipped with a reticle, by validation of the measurement of the diagonals.

Display of the value of diagonals d1, d2 and hardness VICKERS.

Depending on the model, they can be equipped with a motorized rotating turret, RS232 output and an integrated matrix printer.




RS232 output


10 05 06140

AMV 714

Backlit LCD Display



10 05 06150

AMV 715

Backlit LCD Display



10 05 06990



  • Optical measurement of the impression with reticle by manual validation of the diagonals d1 and d2.
  • Lighting control
  • Adjustable charging time
  • Statistics menu accessible from the LCD screen
  • Scale conversions
  • Hardness range 1 HV to 2967 HV
  • 100x magnifications (observation) – 400x (measurement)
  • Unit of measurement/Resolution 1μ/ 0,1 μ

Supplied with standard accessories in box:

  • Vickers Indenter
  • 2 Vickers stallions (without certificate)
  • 1 x-y table
  • 1 self-centering vice opening 44 mm
  • 1 clamp flat piece p. max 6 mm
  • 1 chuck capacity Ø 4 mm for end test
  • 1 spirit level
  • Spare bulb and fuses
  • Power cord
  • Service keys
  • Operating instructions