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Micro-IRHD - Unité motorisée d'application de la charge
SHORE-IRHD - Unité motorisée d'application de la charge
Logiciel HILDEBRAND pour analyse de dureté IRHD DIDC

The hardness measurement on rubbers, neoprene, plastics with a thickness from 0.8, jsuqu’à 6 mm is specified in micro-DIDC (International Degree of Rubber Hardness). The English acronym is also often used, micro-IRHD (International Rubber Hardness Degree according to DIN ISO 48), but both are actually exactly the same test.

The measurement on samples with a thickness greater than or equal to 6 mm is expressed in SHORE.

The modular MICRO-IRHD system consists of a double column frame, 2 interchangeable motorized units, IRHD or SHORE, 1 electronic controller to transmit data to the software and data analysis and storage software.

It will allow you to make a test easily, with great reproducibility and ensure a good traceability of the results.

Durometers such as IRHD and SHORE can be delivered with a Dakks calibration certificate.

Accessories such as the O-ring centering system, an X-motion table with digital stop or a sample clamping system can be offered as an option.