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High-Performance, Ultra-Compact Portable Rugosimeter, 100% European Manufacture.

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ROUGHNESS STUDIO Premium Android pour analyse des états de surface
LiteSURF - Rugosimètre en coffret avec palpeur SB51 +Etalon Ra2.97 + Accessoires
Rallonge de palpeur 50 mm pour rugosimètre LiteSURF
Rallonge de palpeur 100 mm pour rugosimètre LiteSURF

The LiteSURF portable roughness tester: innovation and performance!

The latest in a line of roughness testers manufactured by SM Instruments, the LiteSURF is a portable roughness tester for measuring surface finish that meets the requirements of industry and incorporates the latest technology. Certainly the best portable roughness tester on the market.

Key features of the LiteSURF portable roughness tester

  • Its compact size (125x30x31 mm) makes it easy to position on your workpiece. It takes up so little space that there’s no need for a detachable feed unit like the MITUTOYO SJ-210.
  • 2 applications compatible with SmartPHONE and PC can be installed very easily, APP Roughness Studio basic free of charge and APP Roughness Studio Premium which gives access to 44 roughness parameters. No need for a large, bulky touch screen like the MarSURF PS 10.
  • 90° swivel probe for measuring perpendicular to the axis, so you can measure on a convex or concave surface.
  • Several different probes to meet all your measurement needs.
  • Extensions for measuring inside deep bores of up to 160 mm
  • Measurement in bores with a diameter of less than 4 mm.

Features :

  • Compact, lightweight hand-held roughness tester
  • X travel = 17.5 mm
  • Amplitude in Z = 250 µm (+50, -200)
  • Resolution = 0.001 mm (1 nm nanometre)
  • Shoe probes
  • Interchangeable probes
  • The LiteSURF handheld roughness tester takes up very little space, making it easy and accurate to measure the surface finish of machined parts directly on the production line.
  • It can also be used on a stand to check small parts and measure surface finish in inaccessible places.
  • The probe rotates through 90°, enabling measurements to be taken laterally (perpendicular to the axis)
  • Can be used in any position
  • Rechargeable battery via USB cable and mains adapter supplied
  • Rouhgness Studio Basic application for Smartphone and PC for traceability of results, supplied as standard.
  • Communication via Bluetooth or USB

Measurement and traceability of results:

  • √ The main parameters, CUT-OFF, number of CUT-OFFs and start of measurement can be accessed directly from the keyboard.
  • √ Delay function for delayed start of measurement up to 10 seconds.
  • √ The LiteSURF has a memory for ± 18,000 roughness parameter measurements or approximately 30 measurements with profiles.
  • √ Simplified traceability thanks to the “Roughness Studio Basic” application supplied with the instrument

Compact and efficient, LiteSURF is the essential roughness tester!