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InspecZoom et pupitre de commande ( sans écran)
Ecran multi-standard 24"
Statif 1mm pour camera
Eclairage à LEDannulaire fractionnable
Lentille dioptrique + 1D
Lentille dioptrique + 2D
Lentille dioptrique + 3D
Lentille dioptrique + 4D
Lentille DCR 250
Lentille MSN 202

The InspecZoom high-definition optical system, based on a high-definition camera system with integrated zoom, enables visual inspection of all types of parts.
This system replaces the inspection usually carried out using a binocular microscope, thereby eliminating the eye fatigue experienced by operators throughout the day.

InspecZoom High Definition Visual inspection camera with integrated zoom, controllable from a control console.

Features :

  • 1/3” Sony colour camera – 2 MP
  • Full HD with HDMI video output
  • 20x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom
  • Autofocus