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PH300-E - Projecteur de profils horizontal écran Ø300mm rotatif à afficheur évolué EL 250 pour constructions géométriques
PH300-E éclairage vertical, écran rotatif Ø 600 mm pré-câblé pour recevoir un calculateur évolué à fonction géométriques ND1203 ou EL530
Objectif x10 pour PH300-E
Objectif x20 pour PH300-E
Objectif x50 pour PH300-E

Horizontal profile projector with Ø300mm screen – PH300-E:
Consisting of a 300 mm diameter rotating screen, the PH300-E profile projector transmits a horizontal beam of light.

DYNASCAN Profile Projector – PH-300 is equipped with an encoder for fast, simple and accurate angular measurement. Its grooved table makes it easy to position rotating parts. It features variable-intensity dual halogen lighting.

Basic equipment :

  • Rotating screen Ø 300 mm with encoder for angular measurement.
  • Supplied as standard with an EL250 mini computer for geometric functions.
  • Variable intensity diascopic lighting.
  • Variable intensity episcopic lighting.
  • Table 400 x 125 mm, travel X 200 mm, Z 100 mm, fitted with optical rulers, resolution 0.001 mm.
  • Indexed turret for up to 3 objectives, with 1 10x or 20x objective (to be specified when ordering).