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BAINCUT HSS capacité de coupe 40 mm

High speed chainsaw BAINCUT HSS

The BAINCUT HSS (HIGH SPEED SAW-SCIE HAUTE VITESSE) chainsaw is designed to saw all types of materials, including ceramics and very hard metals with ease. The automatic movement of the Y axis brings a lot of ease. A must for cutting technical components. Very suitable for research laboratories.

Main features of HSS BAINCUT:

  • Cutting capacity up to 40 mm
  • Circuit cooling system
  • Automatic cutting stop
  • Disc axis Ø12.7/25.4 mm
  • Automatic Y movement (longitudinal)
  • Variable speed from 100 to 3000 rpm
  • Variable feed speed and cutting lengths
  • Cutting in series (option)
  • Power supply 220V/50Hz
  • Diamond blade up to 200 mm
  • Dimension: 600x600x500 mm

Detailed description on the website CHENNAI METCO
Metallography Equipment Baincut HSS