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HTD4000 - Machine d’essais pour mesure d’épaisseur de couches trempées

Hardened Layer Thickness Testing Machine – HTD4000:
The test principle and main characteristics are the same as the HTD1500 Model.
HTD4000 is designed to withstand loads up to 4000 kgf, and be used in production under extreme conditions.
Large parts can be controlled thanks to the useful height of 550mm.
As for HTD1500, with a single test, HTD4000 allows to visualize all the parameters of the quenching curve, without destruction of the part and without risk of operator error. The time savings generated and the integrity of the samples saved, allows to quickly make the investment profitable.


  • Test loads from 200 kgf to 4000 kgf (1962N to 39240N)
  • Operating principle: patented ERNST (electrical resistivity)
  • Tests: Electrical load/resistivity/ measurement/ depth/ hardened layers
  • Measurement range: 0.4 – 2.5 (2.7 for layer depth)
  • Maximum hardness 900HV
  • Ø min of room: 10 mm
  • Measurement time 30-60 seconds depending on the selected load
  • Reading: Calculation of result in mm and Vickers value
  • Tolerance max. 5%
  • Charges: Selected by keyboard
  • Charge indication: Dynamic real-time display
  • Indenter:Conductive diamond
  • Calibration: Standard Block
  • Check: Depth Standard Block
  • Indenter travel: 5mm
  • Industrial PC, 8.4 touch screen, WINDOWS environment
  • Memory: Up to 4700 values in 64 configurable ports
  • Data Outputs: USB – RS232 – Ethernet
  • Mount capacity: Height 315mm – gooseneck 335mm
  • Work environment 10-50°
  • Weight 220kg
  • Dimensions L=370 ( 900 with PC) x P=850 x Ht=1200mm
  • Power supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz

The penetration is measured in relation to the surface of the part to be checked, this plane is determined by the reference nozzle.

Under these conditions the depth of penetration measurement remains very accurate, even in the event of sample collapse during the test.