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AT250 DR-NX duromètre ROCKWELL BRINELL avec accessoires
AT250 DR-TX duromètre ROCKWELL BRINELL avec accessoires
AT250 DSR-NX duromètre ROCKWELL BRINELL avec accessoires
AT250 DSR-TX duromètre ROCKWELL BRINELL avec accessoires
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Test principle: the reference point for the measurement is the surface of the sample itself, thus respecting the Rockwell principle in accordance with ISO6508 international standards. The result of the measurement will not be influenced by bending due to incorrect placement of the sample, or oxidation, or grease, or humidity etc… Unlike the same tests carried out on a traditional Rockwell hardness tester.
Surface preparation is only required in the test area.

Preload and load are applied in a single movement.
When the lever returns to its initial position, the load is released and the hardness value appears on the display. Test time, 3 seconds (Very soft materials require a longer test time).

Features :

  • Fast, simple measurement (1 test in 3 seconds)
  • Direct reading on colour touch screen of the following scales : Rockwell: A – B – C / Brinell: HB30 for ferrous metals / HB10 – HB 5 for non-ferrous metals / Breaking strength Kg mm2 / Breaking strength N mm2 (other scales on request)
  • 400 storable files. (For each file, it is possible to store: file reference, customer name, hardness scale with tolerances, etc.)
  • 2500 values stored in each file
  • 5 parameterisable tolerance values for each batch tested. Statistical evaluation of results by 8-core processor.
  • Statistics and histograms can be viewed directly on screen
  • USB port for printer connection.
  • USB port for exporting results.
  • Automatic preload, reducing time per test and operator error.
  • Tests insensitive to bending
  • Ability to test large cantilevered parts Accessories included in retractable storage drawer

Available loads :


  • ROCKWELL loads : 60 – 100 – 150 kgf
  • BRINELL loads: 62.5 – 125 – 187.5 kgf



  • ROCKWELL loads : 15 – 30 – 45 kgf
  • BRINELL loads: 10 – 15.6 – 31.2 kgf

Standard accessories :

  • 1 Rockwell diamond indenter
  • 1 Rockwell Ø 1/16″ ball indenter
  • 1 Brinell ball indenter Ø 2.5mm (AT250 DRX)
  • 2 Rockwell standards, 1 Brinell standard (AT250 DRX)
  • 2 surface Rockwell standards (AT250 DSRX)
  • 1 Ø 60mm flat anvil
  • 1 flat anvil with Ø 8mm cylinder
  • 1 V anvil for samples from Ø 3mm to 12mm √ 1 V anvil for samples from Ø 12mm to 90mm √ 1 protective plastic cover

DataviewTM” software for managing results in a WindowsTM environment on a PC.
The “DataviewTM ” kit includes :

  • 1 installation CD
  • 1 USB protection dongle
  • 1 user manual
  • DataviewTM” connection cable