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NR3 D/R - Duromètre fixe ROCKWELL-BRINELL
Echelle supplémentaire pour NR3
Meuble support pour duromètre

ROCKWELL BRINELL fixed hardness tester NR3 series:
The NR3 hardness tester operates according to the Rockwell principle with preload and standard loads, but it also allows Brinell tests to be carried out with direct reading of the hardness value on the digital display, thus saving a considerable amount of time, without the operator having any influence on the reading of the indentation. The NR3 a hardness tester is a versatile instrument that is very easy to use. Combinations of different loads and standard indenters allow inspection of materials from the hardest to the softest alloys. An RS 232 data output allows results to be printed on a printer. This durometer is robustly built, easy to service and requires no special maintenance.

Standards and certification ASTM-E18 EN-ISO 6506

Features :

  • Preload 10 kg
  • Rockwell loads 60 – 100 – 150 kgf / scales HRA – HRB – HRC
  • Brinell loads 62.5 – 125 – 187.5 kgf / HB 30 scale (HB5 – HB10 scales optional)

Frame characteristics :

  • Useful height 200 mm
  • Gooseneck 175 mm
  • Weight 58 kg

Standard accessories supplied in wooden case:

  • Rockwell diamond indenter
  • Ø 1/16″ ball Rockwell indenter
  • Ø 2.5 mm ball Brinell indenter
  • Rockwell standard, Brinell standard without certificate
  • Flat anvil Ø 60, flat anvil Ø 10
  • V-anvil large model, V-anvil small model
  • Case, instructions