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The perfect two-axis inclinometer for measuring straightness, parallelism, flatness, squareness and machine geometry.

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BlueLEVEL 2D - Etendue des mesures ± 20mm/m

The ideal dual-axis inclinometer for measuring straightness, flatness, squareness and machine geometry. With the introduction of the BlueLEVEL-2D, WYLER AG has once again underlined its leading position in the field of inclination measuring instruments: the new dual-axis Blue-LEVEL-2D combines for the first time two high-precision inclination sensors in a compact housing with an integrated graphic display!

The BlueLEVEL 2D is the first instrument to combine two high-precision alignment sensors in a compact case, with an integrated digital graphic display.

This opens the way to new applications and makes it substantially easier to align certain machines, such as :

  • Aligning a machine on both axes simultaneously.
  • Aligning a table.

The BlueLEVEL 2D consists of :

  • Anodised aluminium case
  • Available in two measurement range versions
  • High-precision base with 3 Ø20mm inserts with M4 thread in the centre
  • Large, easy-to-read colour display
  • Several reading modes can be selected
  • All common units can be displayed
  • Reset to zero by simple turning method
  • Options: External 24V power supply. Bluetooth radio transmission. Software for results retrieval. Several types of base on request, e.g. prismatic base.