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InspecVista 1510 - Cap. XYZ 150x100x100mm
InspecVista 2015 - Cap. XYZ 200x150x150mm
InspecVista 3020 - Cap. XYZ 300x200x200mm
InspecVista 4030 - Cap. XYZ 400x300x300mm

Digital Profile Projector – InspecVista:
InspecVISTA is a 2D 2-axis coordinate measuring machine X and Y with a digitized Z-axis, and with the possibility of including a probing system for 3D CONTACT CMM. Result of the collaboration between ELECTRONICA & SOMECO, this 3rd generation has further increased its performance Robust, it can be used in production or control. This image analysis measuring system is a 2D vision machine for controlling milling, turning, plastic injection or other parts that should be checked without contact.

Its main technical advantages are:

  • Context menu for each measurement function.
  • Palletizing as standard to measure several parts at the same time.
  • Fully customizable reports: ability to extract data in different forms, and make capabilities with the SPC module included in the software with a single touch.

Key Features:

  • Measurement by image analysis
  • Digitized Z axis
  • Possibility to add a Renishaw probe to switch to a 3D system CONTACT
  • High resolution 1/3’ CCD camera
  • Magnification from 30x to 190x (more on request)
  • Manual or motorized zoom controlled by the software
  • Laser pointer for easy positioning
  • Autofocus
  • Manual or fully motorized movements according to version
  • Diascopic lighting (from below)
  • Episcopic lighting (by 48 ring LEDs)
  • Possibility to have coaxial lighting
  • 0.5 μm axis resolution (optional 0.1μm)