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DST 2N-Dynamomètre digital traction/compression
DST 5N-Dynamomètre digital traction/compression
DST 20N-Dynamomètre digital traction/compression
DST 50N-Dynamomètre digital traction/compression
DST 200N-Dynamomètre digital traction/compression
DST 500N-Dynamomètre digital traction/compression
DST 1000N-Dynamomètre digital traction/compression

The DS series is the lastest evolution of IMADA’s digital force gauges dynamometers, the DST and DSV models offer hight performance  exemplary reliabilty for use in laboratories, as well as in harsh and demanding environnements.

The DST replace the DS2 force gauges dynamometer.

Feature DSV&DST :

  • Traction – compression
  • Accuracy ±0.2% PE*±1 digit
  • Selection 3 units of mesurments Kgf, N, lb (oz)
  • Overload alarm
  • Overload 200% audible alarm up to 90% of PE, audible and visual above  110% PE*
  • Heavy-duty aluminium body. Ergonomic shape for a better grip.
  • Reversible display for manual or bench use.
  • Batterie or mains powered (USB charging via Pc, mobile battery or mains adapter)
  • Operating time 14 hours (30 eco mode), charge time ± 5hours.
  • Indicator light for min, max, ok
  • 4-digit diplay LCD
  • Sampling rate 1000 times/seconde
  • USB and RS 232 C exit
  • PEAK-Hold feature
  • Update of display 10 times/seconde
  • M6 tension-compression shaft thread
  • Automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of non-use
  • Operating range 0°-40°C, 20-80%RH
  • weigth 460 g
  • Overall dimensiosn 181 x 72 x 32 mm

Detailed specifications are available on the IMADA webside