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Jeu de base I DeMeet 220
Jeu de base II DeMeet 400Y
Jeu de base III DeMeet 400X/400xxXY
Tournevis hexagonal 2mm avec limiteur de couple (0.1 - 0.6 Nm)
Adapteur et vis de profil 16
Outil de montage pour vis
Barre 56mm
Barre 88mm
Barre 110mm
Barre 120mm
Barre 152mm
Barre 160mm
Barre 184mm
Barre 210mm
Barre 216mm
Barre 246mm
Barre 260mm
Barre 310mm
Barre 344mm
Barre 460mm

System-DF is a fixture system developed and produced by Schut, designed for the construction of 3D fixture assemblies, particularly for optical measurements.

Reliable positioning of parts is essential for accurate measurements, and The-DF-system is very easy to assemble thanks to its unique screw couplings, enabling systems to be built with high repeatability and assembly to be carried out in record time.

System-DF consists of a complete range of components: bars, connection components and fixing components. Products in extruded or fabricated ALMgSi1 aluminium, with a black or silver anodised finish. The black anodised version prevents light reflections.

Clamping System compatible with all measuring machines, sometimes requiring special adaptation The System-DF is available as separate components and in three basic sets, finished in black or silver: basic set I for the DeMeet 220, basic set II for the DeMeet 400 (Y axis) and basic set III for the DeMeet 400 (X axis) and the DeMeet 404/443 (X and Y axis).

  • Black anodised finish available. Silver finish only on request.