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DeMeet 220 - Cap.XYZ 220x150x100mm - Cap. charge 20kg
DeMeet 400 - Cap.XYZ 400x250x200mm - Cap. charge 50kg
DeMeet 404 - Cap.XYZ 400x400x200mm - Cap. charge 50kg
DeMeet 443 - Cap.XYZ 400x400x300mm - Cap. charge 50kg
DeMeet 705 - Cap.XYZ 700x500x300mm - Cap. charge 60kg

The DeMeet range of 100% VIDEO and dual-technology VIDEO and PALPAGE 3D coordinate measuring machines are available in a variety of versions and capacities, and in several accuracy classes. Made in Europe, The DeMeet range is of excellent geometric quality, ensuring reliability and accuracy over the years. A wide range of contact and non-contact probing solutions enables a variety of measurements to be taken, the results of which will be analysed by the Afdm 1.5.7 Software, Aprove For DeMeet, ensuring performance and traceability of your production.

Features :

  • Specifications apply to all DeMeet models unless otherwise stated. Machines with higher specifications and/or modifications available on request.