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BRE-AUT 300/3000 kgf
BRE-AUT 300/750 - 3000 kgf
BRE-AUT 300/750 - 1000 - 3000 kgf

Few 3-tonne 10-ball machines, BRINELL 10/3000, can work in hostile production environments, with wide temperature variations and vibrations.

The process used by the BRE-AUT hardness tester allows rapid checking, by measuring the depth of the indentation, expressed in Brinell by the electronic interface.

It is the ideal machine for serial inspection. The impression can also be measured using a microscope or our E-Brio image analysis Brinell impression measurement system.

The function of the BRE AUT test head is to apply the load via an actuator. For greater accuracy, the load applied is displayed continuously on the dial in the middle of the head. The elastic deformation load cell is integrated into the head.

To ensure complete safety, the unique system, patented by ERNST, allows the load application cycle to be stopped and the head to be withdrawn as soon as it comes into contact with soft material, such as the operator’s hands.

BRE AUT series hardness testers measure hardness based on the difference in indentation depth between preload and load, using the standard loads and indenters of the standard BRINELL test.
The results, after being processed by a microprocessor, are displayed in BRINELL points on a large digital window.
IMPORTANT: Optical impression measurement can be carried out at any time and for any test, using the e-Brio_II optical impression reading system, which ensures repeatability of measurement and traceability of the test.

The automatic measurement cycle can be started in a variety of ways, using an external electrical impulse, a button on the control panel or a foot pedal.
The measuring head descends, guided by a hydraulic cylinder
The indenter makes contact with the surface to be measured.
Preload and load are applied, and the load time is adjustable.
The BRE AUT head returns to its initial position.
The result is displayed on a large LCD window.


  • Direct reading in Brinell, digital display
  • Working height: 850 mm
  • Measuring head stroke 300 mm
  • Gooseneck: 250 mm
  • Loads applied by hydraulic cylinder:
  • Model with xe load 3.000 kgf (29.430 N) per force cell
  • Variable load model: 750-1000-3000 kgf (7.357-9.810-29.430 N) per force cell.
  • Programmable charging time
  • Measurement triggered by push button or foot scan pedal

Standard accessories delivered in box:

  • 1 flat anvil 120 mm
  • 1 Brinell HB30 certified stallion
  • 1 pulse pedal
  • Service key and instructions for use
  • 1 measuring magnifier 8x (for fingerprint verification)