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E-BRIOWL is the “one shot” model, which allows you to read and measure the BRINELL footprint on the integrated screen.

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E-BrioWL - Système de mesure optique d’empreintes BRINELL
Logiciel SW pour système de mesure optique d’empreintes BRINELL eBRIO_WL,

BRINELL e-Brio-WL “ONE SHOT” optical cavity measurement system:

The E-BrioWL system developed by ERNST measures the diameter of Brinell indentations quickly, repeatably and accurately.
It offers many advantages over conventional microscopes.


E-BRIOWL is the “one shot” model, allowing you to read and measure the BRINELL footprint on the built-in screen.

You can update your e-BRIOWL at any time by purchasing the SW software.

The SW software can run on any computer or tablet (running Windows10/11) and allows you to manage and store data, manually adjust the measurement and re-measure a saved footprint.
With the optional software, you benefit from excellent production traceability, every measured value is recorded and a photo of each impression can be archived for inclusion in a report or for re-measurement at a later date.
Control reports can be customised. Faster, more accurate measurement, without operator influence, for improved e-BrioWL reproducibility.
Simple and intuitive, it does not generate eye fatigue for the operator. e-BrioWL is an infrared camera system that determines the Ø of the cavity with a resolution of 0.001 mm. The result of the Brinell test and the Ø of the cavity are displayed on screen.

Instructions for use :

E-BrioWL combined with SW software can also be used to measure impressions made with calibrated hardness testers. Simply position the e-BrioWL analysis head on the impression, press a button and the result is displayed directly on the screen in the selected Brinell scale, with conversion to the chosen scale and the diameter of the impression. The time required for a measurement is approximately 1 second.


Technical specifications of the e-BRIO system :

  • HB30, HB10, HB5, HB2.5 scales, calibrated stakes
  • Camera resolution: 752×480 pixels
  • Reading resolution: 0.001 mm
  • Fingerprint diameter: 2.5 to 5.0 mm
  • Optional SW software compatible with : Windows.10 and Windows.11
  • Dimensions: H = 170 mm – Ø = 66 mm
  • Weight: 750 g

Accessories :

  • 1 EBrioWL infrared reading head
  • 1 French user manual
  • Standard