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Système E-Brio avec tablette ebrio lecture d'empreinte BRINELL
Système E-Brio seul (utilisation PC fixe ou portable sous Windows W7 ou W8) pour lecture d'empreintes BRINELL

The BRINELL measuring camera developed by ERNST can be used to measure the diameter of HB hardness indentations quickly and accurately.

A technological evolution of the BOSS LAB system, this hardness camera has more intuitive, more powerful software that guarantees better traceability.

Ebrio offers many advantages over the microscopes normally used for BRINELL indentation reading. Excellent production traceability: every measured value is recorded, and a photo of each impression can be archived for inclusion in a report or for subsequent measurement. Control reports can be customised. Faster, more repeatable measurement, without operator influence. Simple and intuitive, it does not generate eye fatigue for the operator. E-Brio is an infrared camera system that determines the Ø of the impression with a resolution of 0.01 mm. After 1 second, the Brinell result and the Ø of the impression are displayed on the screen.

EBrio-2 can also be used to measure indentations made with calibrated pin hardness testers. Simply position the Ebrio2 analysis head on the impression, press a button and the result is displayed on the screen directly in the selected Brinell scale, with the conversion to the chosen scale and the diameter of the impression. The time taken for a measurement is approximately 1 second.

How does the e-BRIO optical measurement camera measure BRINELL hardness?

Connected to the software on a tablet, fixed PC or laptop, the optical measurement system captures the image. The measurement is made at x20 magnification for indentations made with a Ø10 ball indenter or at x40 magnification (optional) for indentations made with a Ø5 ball. The average diameter of the indentation is measured with a resolution of 0.001 mm, 1 µm, the hardness value is displayed on the screen and is saved with the image of the indentation. In the main menu, the operator can create a file, recall a previously created file or calibrate the optical system. This infrared hardness measurement camera meets the requirements of ASTM-E10 and NADCAP standards and is therefore suitable for use in the aerospace industry.


  • Dimensions: H = 170 mm – Ø = 66 mm √ Weight: 750 g
  • Camera resolution: 752×480 pixels
  • Ø range: 2.5 to 5.0 mm
  • Windows.7 and Windows.8 compatible software

Supplied in carrying pouch :

  • 1 e-Brio x20 infrared camera
  • 1 ebrio-2 software
  • 1 Calibration standard
  • 1 Connection cable
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 touch-sensitive tablet (Code-10 01 16010 only)