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Set engineer, for the installation and inspection of machine tools, marble and engineering structures

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Bundle 002
Bundle 002 ELEMENTS
Bundle 002 SPEC

The BlueLEVEL inclinometers in the BlueSYSTEM range are high-precision instruments.

  • BlueLEVEL can be used to check the geometry of machine tools. Depending on the “wylersoft” software version used, it will be possible to characterise the pitch, roll, yaw of slides, parallelism and perpendicularity of surfaces. wyler-ELEMENTS is the simplest version of the software, followed by wyler-PROFESSIONNAL and the most complete version is wyler-SPEC.
  • BlueSYSTEM SETS are also recommended for mapping marbles, checking the flatness of grid or flagged surfaces and checking and inspecting engineering structures (bridges, buildings, tunnels, hydroelectric dams, solar panels, etc.).

Composition of the BLUE SYSTEM II Bundle:

Bundle 002:

The Blue-System II 002 bundle includes two BlueLevel II inclinometers connectable via BlueTOOTH :

  • Blue LEVEL type 122: flat horizontal base, 150 mm in hardened steel, with 2 holes for fixing.
  • Blue LEVEL type 247: L-shaped prismatic base, 150 mm, cast iron, hand-scraped finish, vertical base with magnetic insert.

Bundle 002-ELEMENTS:

  • Bundle 002, to which is added
  • wylerELEMENTS software


  • Bundle 002
  • Software wylerELEMENTS
  • Software wylerPROFESSIONAL

Bundle 002-SPEC:

  • Bundle 002
  • Software wylerELEMENTS
  • Software wylerPROFESSIONAL
  • Software wylerSPEC

Optional accessories :

  • Android remote display with wylerUNIVERSAL application
  • WylerPLOT software: allows to read tilt values

Screw-on base:

  • 1 Screw-on base, steel 150 mm for pitch 35…45 mm
  • 1 Screw-on base, steel 200 mm for pitch 145…195 mm
  • 1 Screw-in base, granite 200 mm for pitch length 105…195 mm
  • SCS calibration certificate (Swiss SCS = French COFRAC)