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CMM001 - BainCUT Medium avec réservoir 50 L dans le bâti
CMT022 - BainCUT Medium "table top" avec réservoir 50 L séparé

BAINCUT MEDIUM workbench metallographic chainsaw
BainCUT-Medium is a simple and robust design sample cutting machine.

It is available in 2 versions. Table-top to be placed on a workbench or with frame.
It comes with a tank and a pump for the cutting liquid.

Its cutting capacity is 60 mm in steel

The strengths of the BAINCUT-MEDIUM range:

  • Table 60 190 mm with 8 mm ‘T’ groove
  • Reservoir for cutting fluid with pump
  • Simple control panel for intuitive operation
  • Opening the secure door
  • Floor with quick adjustment
  • Cutting area with fluorescent tube lighting
  • Cleaning spray

Technical information:

  • Corrosion-resistant steel cutting area for excellent durability
  • Power 2.2 kw, three-phase motor
  • Cutting capacity up to 60 mm in standard steel
  • Rotation speed 2800 rev/min
  • Cutting disc Ø250xal32 mm
  • Watering 2 jets, removable tank 50 L
  • Voltage, 415V/50Hz
  • Dimension: (CMM 001)850x750x1550 mm / (CMT 022) 700x600x580 mm

Options available upon request:

  • Double cut for quick cutting of slices
  • Motor locking system for immediate stop of disc rotation
  • 2nde Additional door security
  • Variable speed (1000 to 3000 rpm)
  • Automatic cleaning cycle