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IPA 30-E - Ø moule 30mm - Puissance 600W
IPA 40-E - Ø moule 40mm - Puissance 650W
Meuble support avec bac intox capacité 20L et système de refroidissement en circuit fermé avec pompe

The IPA automatic hot-mix press is a simple solution for coating your parts before inspection. Made in Europe, they are simple and remarkably reliable.


  • Fully automatic cycle metallographic enrober for coating samples before polishing.
  • Mould Ø 30 (IPA30E) – Ø 40 (IPA40E)
  • Coating with thermosetting resins
  • Adjustable pneumatic pressure
  • Temperature controller with permanent indication of mould temperature
  • Programmable cycle time
  • Water cooling
  • Power supply: 220 V mains, compressed air, water