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LS2P/LSA - Polisseuse métallographique automatique
Platine porte 6 échantillons Ø 30 ( standard )
Platine porte 5 échantillons Ø 40
Platine porte 4 échantillons forme ogive
Platine porte 3 échantillons forme rectangulaire
Système pour mise à niveau des échantillons
Compresseur silencieux 10 bars avec réservoir 10L 220 volts mono avec dispositif de traitement d'air

The automatic polishing system «LSA» can be installed on each REMET polisher base, including models LS1 and LS2. It is pneumatically controlled and is the ideal tool to significantly reduce metallographic sample preparation costs and increase process repeatability. The automatic system is available in two versions: central pressure or single pressure + central pressure. CENTRAL PRESSURE: The force is applied to the center of the sample holder. SINGLE + CENTRAL PRESSURE: The operator has the choice; The force can be applied directly on each sample individually (single pressure) or on the center of the sample holder.

  • Pneumatic adjustable pressure and sweep system
  • Supplied with a Ø 30 mm specimen holder (6 samples) and a drip lubrication system.
  • Plate with variable speed.
  • REMET polishing machines are also available with Ø 250 and Ø 300 trays.